Come to our FOLIO FRIDAY reading group!

March 23rd continues OTHELLO !

Ira Aldridge, the first black Othello, circa 1825.

Click HERE for an introduction to the text, courtesy of our friends at the Folger Library!

All welcome, no prior experience necessary!

We finished Act One at our February reading! The discussions ranged from a daughter’s duty to what dramatic purpose Shakespeare had when he had Othello confess how he wooed Desdemona to a Venetian War Council (instead of Desdemona’s father or family). Almost everyone got a chance to read each character, allowing for a broad selection of voices.

Everyone gets a chance to read (unless you don’t want to, then come listen)!

All welcome, no prior experience necessary! Please bring a copy of the text!

Where: 2029 Placita de Vida. Please leave the driveway open for our guests with mobility issues. There is a step down when you first come in the gate, please watch your step for loose flagstones.

When: 6PM until 9PM, Friday, March 23, 2018.

Please bring snacks to share, if you so desire. If you want a beverage, please bring it!