JUNE 1st continues OTHELLO !

Desdemona (Martha Brook), Othello (Ken Love), & Emilia (Athena Reiss) from the SunFire Theatre Company’s 1998 production.

Click HERE for an introduction to the text, courtesy of our friends at the Folger Library!

All welcome, no prior experience necessary!

We finished Acts Three and Four at our May reading! We discussed the precise and powerful use of verse and prose in Iago’s manipulation of Othello, Desdemona’s loyalty, the Willow song, and how most productions get the bedroom scene between Emilia and Desdemona WRONG (if you carefully read the text), and much else!  Plus delicious food!

Our June meeting will feature finishing Act 5, viewing selected scenes of productions, and eating a special dinner cooked by one of the members!


Everyone gets a chance to read (unless you don’t want to, then come listen)!

All welcome, no prior experience necessary! Please bring a copy of the text!

Where: Please RSVP for location, by May 30.

When: 6-9PM, Friday, June 1, 2018. No need to bring snacks this time! If you want a beverage, please bring it!